Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday News and a word of encouragement.

Well we survived the storms over the weekend. We were very blessed to not have suffered much as far as damage. However, many here in Lewis Co and in the surrounding counties there have been many losses of homes, property damage, roads that have washed out and deaths. And other parts of the state have been hit worse. School was out today and is again tomorrow due to many roads in the county still not passable - or just not there anymore.

You know our ladies class has been studying about crisis and how Christians should deal with a crisis. Today I thought of how when we are found in the swirling waters of troubles that I am so encouraged by just knowing that God never leaves my side! I can call out to Him in times of crisis and know that He is there. And God does an amazing thing.... not only does He comfort me but He sends people my way that can help/comfort/ encourage me throughout the crisis! God is wonderful to us, His children! All we have to do is trust that God will bring us through any crisis we may face. We don't have to fear the flood waters of life... for we know that God is always there to hold us above the waters.

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Happy Mother's Day, Traci!