Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Homeschooling 3 teens....

Boy oh boy.... 3 teens in the house! The up side is that everyone is old enough to get going on chores, schoolwork, and other things to be done throughout the day..... the downside..... arguments about who, why and what is going on..... and drama....ughh.... teen drama! LOL!

We have had a pretty good start this year with school..... Travis is a senior, Mia is a sophomore, and Amaris is in 8th grade. And this year we have started working with Jed in some pre-school time and work...... Eric is doing a super great job! He is such a great dad and I am so happy that one of us can be home with the kids!

Travis has started working during the day and then doing his schoolwork and chores in the afternoon..... it has been a shaky start but I think that he will get his schedule under control. He is learning what its like out in the real world a bit.....

Mia has started to embrace the home school life more so this year.... I'm hoping she is learning to enjoy it better. I know she appreciates the freedom... just misses seeing all the people daily.

Amaris has truly adjusted to home schooling. She is doing well on her studies and she even has a friend that has started homeschooling this past year.

Jed is starting his preschool studies this year... he feels like a big boy doing school work like his big brother and sisters!

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