Monday, February 25, 2008

3 meals on a budget...

Okay, I have 6 of us to feed these days.... so when I can feed us 3 meals for the same amount it takes for once meal I get excited....

Our Wal-mart had some seasoned turkey roasts on markdown this past Thursday (about to go out of date) so I picked up 2 and put them in the crock-pot and let them cook down and shredded the meat.... then I added cooked rice and had green beans and sweet potatoes for dinner ... probably a total of $12 dollars in the meal. Left-overs were put in the fridge.

The next meal (Saturday)was a turkey & rice soup ..... I added some water and chicken bullion to the turkey and rice and a couple of cans of mixed veggies....let it simmer in the crock for the day and lunch (and dinner) were served. Leftovers put back in the fridge. Add another 70 cents for the 2 cans of veggies.

Today the meal with consist of turkey/rice/veggie casserole with pinto beans and cornbread. Just mixed the leftover soup with a couple of cans of cream of mushroom soup and a couple of more cans of mixed veggies. Beans went into the crock-pot with a couple of slices of bacon for seasoning and I will make the cornbread (not a mix) ..... total to add to the cost... about 3.00 or less.

So for less than 16 dollars we have eaten 3-4 good hearty meals for 6...... and tonight we will feed Eric's parent's and his sister and her 3 children too...... not bad.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really good! You know I love deals like that. I made chicken and rice tonight. Have plenty of leftover rice that will go towards something tomorrow.

Can't wait till our Saturday!!