Saturday, February 23, 2008

What a day.....

Wow, what a day.... the oven and microwave that we had ordered (the ones here in the house had to be replaced) came this morning - about 5 minutes after me and Mia left for our babysitting job today.... Eric put in the microwave himself .... but we are calling in the famous "Jerry" to install the that will be done on Monday hopefully..... I can't wait to bake again!!!!!

Mine and Mia's babysitting job today was to take care of the twin babies of our good friends, David and Heather.... their oldest daughter was with us too for part of the morning then was picked up for a play day..... we had a wonderful day with the little ones (David, ya'lls little man kept us laughing most of the day and your little baby girl has the most winning smile I have ever seen). And a big thanks to David's parents!!!!

Tomorrow is going to be busy..... Lads to Leaders Speech practice is tomorrow.... our kids are so behind because of us being sick and then all this moving..... we are going to work them lots on the speeches for the next few weeks but I am afraid that they may not be as prepared as they would like to be this year. We will see.

Well, I'm off to get my own little man in the bed.... Jed is now sleeping in his "big boy" bed..... whooohoooo!!!

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