Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday's Fixins ~ Chicken-n-Dumplins

Comfort Food. That is what Chicken-n-Dumplins are..... pure comfort food.

Now, I make my dumplins just a bit different than most.... so here goes.

First, cook your chicken until it is ready to come off the bone (I am using chicken breasts here.)

Then, after the chicken has cooled enough it can be handled take all the meat off the bones and pull the meat apart into bite sized pieces. Then return the chicken to the stock.

Now, while the chicken is going into a boil, make your dumplin mix..... this is where my recipe differs from others.... see, I make a drop dumplin mix and do not roll them out and cut them.... just drop the mix by spoonfuls into the stock and chicken. This makes for a thick and fluffy dumplin.

Dumplin Mix:
Mix 2 cups self-rising flour, 1 egg, 3/4 cup of milk, and 1 tblsp of oil together (the dough mixture should be wet.... can add more milk if needed.) Drop by spoonfuls into chicken and stock at a rolling boil. .

Add a touch of milk to help to thicken it and salt and pepper to taste......

Talk about some good eating on a cold winter night!

The cost of this meal was just about 7 dollars..... I did cook extra chicken and put the meat back for a meal later in the week..... Chicken Enchiladas!

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Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Mmmm! I do our dumplings the very same way.

Merry christmas to you and your family!