Friday, June 05, 2009

Mission Trip Update...

Well, I got to talk with Mia last night and she said that they are having a good time .... they did not get to start on the painting of the church building yesterday because it drizzled all day but they are going to work on that today. The group did go out to Cane Ridge yesterday and she said it was great and that most of the guys lead singing from the huge pulpit there... I wish I could have seen Travis do that!! I was also told by 2 different adults that Travis and Mia are doing a wonderful job and that they are good examples. Mia said the services last night consisted of about 15 or so of the regular members and then our group of nearly 40... she said the teenager class was filled only with our bunch because they don't really have any families with teens that attend. She is hoping that what they are doing this week will interest some of the teens in the area and that some will show up for tonight.

I'll get to speak with Travis some time today.... I am looking forward to it... I miss them but I know that this was so important for them! I am one proud momma!

Please keep out Mission Trip in your prayers!

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