Sunday, June 28, 2009

So much going on....

Goodness the time has flown since I was on here last!

June has been a busy month. I'm working all the hours I can to support the family. Eric and the kids have put in 2 nice sized garden spots (will take some pics to load tomorrow!) and we have been busy with church activities as well! The older 3 just got back from a week at Mid-South Youth Camp (and 2 of the girls in our youth group were baptized into Christ! Whoohooo!) they have had so many stories to tell the last couple of days. Next Sunday Travis and Mia are headed off to Horizons and Travis is interning with our Preacher again this summer (he preaches the Sunday PM services on July 26th). Whew! And then there is so much else going on as well.... we are in touch with our friends in Russia about Travis and Mia going there... still not sure when, but they are both set on going in the next year! We were just informed in this morning's Bible Class that our next Mission Trip may be to New York City. (that is the plan for now... we will see)

Here at the house we are working to get the last of a large debt off of us (it will be paid off at the end of July if all goes according to plan! Yipee!) That will free us up some on our income. We are hoping to be able to get the passports needed for the Russia Trip in August. Then with our extra debt paid we are hoping to start building an emergency fund once again!!! Whoohooo!

I hope to post more now that I am having more time and my schedule at work is finally getting a routine to it. I was not able to walk to work as much as I had wanted due to weather... lots of rain then now its sooooo hot!!! Whew!!! But I am still glad that I am just about a mile from home..... in case I do need to walk in the morning or in the evening. Work is going well. I have picked back up on just about everything. Thankfully, none of the software had changed and it was much easier to get back onto the swing of things than I had thought would be the case. I do have to work long days (9 hours of standing is long no matter what you do I say!) but my body and mind are now getting back into the

Well, I'm off. I will post again tomorrow... gotta show off that garden!

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Anonymous said...

Glad things are working out good for you guys! :)