Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Day .....Thursday's Thoughts

Oh, how I miss sitting at my computer in the mornings planning out the day. Now I sit here, reading through my email, facebook and blogs that I like to keep up with before I wisk away to a job that really has no way to plan for it..... its unpredictable..... always different..... no day is the same. Well, there are a few things that don't change.... but when you are dealing with the public ...... the SICK public.... well lets just say some days are an adventure.

God has shown me that although I really cannot plan my work day He is there with me..... when the day is hectic and chaotic .... He is my peace. When the day is full of trouble and heartache.... He is my comfort. When the day is long and hard ...... He is my resting place. There is no other like HIM .... He is all that I need and always there to be what I need. Every day is a Good Day with God.

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Anonymous said...


How nice to see you posting!! :)

Blessings on your day,