Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Fixins ~ Roast Beef

Okay, so I just had to have the 10lb beef roast on sale at the grocery store last week.... it had been so long since I had cooked a good roast.... here is how I decided to fix it.....

Turned to oven on to 250* then got out the roast and put in my roasting pan. Poured 1 can of beef broth over it and let it fill the bottom of the pan. Then I added some left over chopped onion (about 1 good cupful ... ya'll should know by now I wing it and don't really measure, right?), then sprinkled on some seasonings .... garlic pepper, season salt, and actually some veggie grill mix. Put the top on the roasting pan and popped it in the oven .... leaving it there for about 6-7 hours at 250*. I did not sear it first, not did I start it out at 400* then bring down the temp... just left it at 250 all day... I did pull it out every couple of hours to dowse the meat with the broth mix from the bottom of the pan to help keep it nice and moist. And when I pulled it out to cut ... it was so tender and just fell apart...mmmmmmm! I gathered up the broth mix and made a nice gravy to go with the roast... had some homemade mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet carrots, sqwash casserole, and of course no meal around my house is complete with out some sweet tea according to my family! I had enough that we were able to eat on the left overs for a day or two! Nothing like homemade!

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Renee said...

That sounds absolutely delicious!