Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Thursday Morning

I do want to post a quick Thankful Thursday note....

I am so thankful for our children! Our kids amaze me sometimes. They have such servant hearts.

This week they have been volunteering for the District Senior Games .... you know, doing judging, score keeping .... encouraging the seniors in the surrounding areas in sports like shuffleboard, horse shoes, basketball free throw..etc... Well, this morning I got news from the Senior Center Director here in Lewis County (aka... my and she was telling me how the whole crowd of seniors ... not just the ones they see here in the county but those from all over just love it when my children volunteer. She also told me that the other judges (some that have been helping for 30 years) are so impressed with my children and have begged mom to have them at the State Senior Games in July this year! Goodness.... makes a momma not just thankful but a bit on the proud side too!

And what has our little Jed been up to this week while his brother and sisters have been gone... well, yesterday he spent the afternoon in the back fields with Momma Sue and Papa Rich as they were clearing out some brush .... and he even got to drive the truck in the field! He sure was excited about that!

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