Tuesday, May 05, 2009

LLL Convention...

This year we had such a great time! We were asked to take charge of the Food Room (an extra room the congregation pays for for the LLL group to gather and eat to help our budgets) and it was quite and honor to do this service. The kids were so helpful with the loading and unloading of the supplies... and it was a success this year for us!

The kids earned the following awards at Convention this year....

2nd place with his painting
3rd place in Song Leading
Bronze medal in Good Samaratin (points are earned all year long)

3rd place with her drawing
1st place with her photo
3rd place in audio speech (recorded speech)
2nd place in Leaderettes Speech
Level 1 in G.I.F.T.S. class (year long classes)
Gold medal in Good Samaratin


3rd place with her painting
participation award in Good Samaratin

Travis and Mia were also on the Group Scrapbook and it took 1st place in the Winner's Circle.

The weekend was fantastic... we had the best rooms we have ever had while there... 5th floor balcony rooms overlooking the Delta Island shops.... it was nice! The kids were so great, helpful to others and supportive of each other and others in the group. We were so blessed and thankful for a wonderful weekend!

Tomorrow I will show some pictures!

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