Sunday, December 17, 2006

So I'm getting my pantry stocked.....I got 2 Angel Food boxes this weekend and now I'm looking forward to stocking up the shelves with lots of canned goods. I feel so much better and able to take on the problems the world throws at us if I know I can feed the family.....I feel so secure in the knowledge of a full pantry.

OH, I wanted to add the link to Angel Food.....

Eric has decided to NOT start his own business for the time being.... so he is dusting off the resume and getting it updated to start sending it out....I'm praying hard now that he will find what he needs to soon! He just felt that with all the things going on at the present time it would be better to get all under more control (i.e. the finances and debt department) before he ventures out into the world of business owner.

Last night we had Eric's family's Christmas the togetherness his family has always shared....and we were told that his baby sis is gonna have a new baby next August! (Right around our Anniversary) So, little ( J) is not gonna be the youngest grandbaby in the family for much longer....(I can't say the smallest cause he is as big as his cousin that is a couple of months older) ......They were not expecting this at all but are joyous just the same!

Well, got to go get ready for evening back soon!

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Anonymous said...

I sure do hope that he can find something close and someone that is hiring soon.