Sunday, March 11, 2007

I can't keep us all well...

The sickies have come again with no mercy........ Travis came down with a stomach virus during the night on Wednesday.... was sick Thursday and Friday Friday night Amaris and Jed were sick and last night Mia came home with fever and started throwing up during the night.... ughh.... I cannot seem to get us all well and keep us that way this past year.... it does seem to go that way for us.... some years are good and hardly any sickies come to visit at all and some years we cannot keep the sickies away.... seems this is gonna be one bad year....I'm going later today to buy more disinfectants and clear soda to help with settling everyone's tummies....this time around it seems to be a stomach bug along with a croup bug to boot.... everyone has a cough, sore throat and congestion as well as classic stomach virus issues.... any and all suggestions are welcome!!!


Anonymous said...

Gracious. I came to check in here because I could tell you were not online and wondered if you all were still sick. Call me if you need anything.


Pearls of Wisdom said...

Oh Goodness Traci,
So sorry you are all not well. Will keep you in my prayers my Dearest Friend.
(Thanks my Dear Friend Denita for update)

Love you and Hugs,
Angel ( D. )