Monday, March 19, 2007

Just had the best weekend .......... we went to the annual Youth Rally at the Lomax Church of Christ and it was great! Well over 700 in attendance and just a great time of fellowship, singing, worshiping and learning ..... this year the theme was blessings?........ and it was a great reminder to all that God blesses us tremendously daily!

We also stayed an extra night to visit with family and to attended my "uncle's" 50th Birthday Party.... see he is not really my uncle ....he is my cousin, but I've always called him Uncle Don.... so he is Uncle Don and will always be so..... I guess it is a Southern thing.

Anyway, then I got home last night and stopped by my good friend Denita's house to pick up my house key.....she had been taking care of Ripley (our Min. Schnauzer)... and she could not find the after tearing her house apart for an hour I called the landlady and asked it I could come and get her key to get in (Eric stayed at his parents to work on the farm for the next couple of days) ........ so I did finally get into the house last night ...........D, you found that key yet???? lol

So after no sleep this weekend I slept lots today, the kids are on Spring Break and I did not have to get up until Jed woke me and then as soon as Mia woke I let her watch Jed while I took a nap ........ now I feel more human and less like a Zombie. So, now for the rest of the week....Cleaning is in order..... and going to start looking at packing and labeling stuff for yard sale and to donate..... the move is in 2 months.


Anonymous said...

Man, I just have no secrets do I?


Traci said...

Sorry, No... not around

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Traci,
So glad you had fun! You girls are too funny. D. sounds like my life! LOL.

D. ( Angel) ():)