Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Step towards Simplicity

AS many of you know, we are moving (21 days now) in with Eric's parents on the farm. And we are taking this time to simplify our lives! We decided that we were going to start over ...... a new start is not always bad. In doing this we are having a large moving sale and will be getting rid of most of our things. I have about 8 pieces of furniture I am keeping and we are keeping some clothes (I purged many of them) and a few sentimental items ..... and of course our books.....but the majority of our stuff is leaving. And the looks we have received when this is told is amazing.... everything from horror to dumbfounded stares.... Why is it so hard to believe in this day and time that someone would want to start over .... begin again.... simplify their life. We have prayed, discussed and prayed again about this decision ...... and we came to the same conclusion time and time again..... its just stuff!

"But you won't live with Eric's parents forever.... what will you do then?" we have been asked over and over.... yes, we KNOW we won't be living with Eric's parents forever.... we hope it will be for a very short time..... we are hoping to have our own place on the farm before too long..... and when we do get our own place we will do what others years ago did..... make or acquire things on an as NEEDED basis..... "But you won't have a couch, table and chairs, and all that..... what will you DO????" Let me say again.... we will acquire things as we need them.... but we don't need to just store everything ...... we are wanting to CHANGE our lifestyle.... live a more simple life...... and a simple life is our dream. So out with everything that is not NEEDED for now and when the time comes to replace you can believe it will be done with simplicity in mind!


smarshmallow said...

OH! We are moving soon too (maybe withing the same time frame) and need to simplify too because our house will be smaller. It is so hard to do that! I am a packrat at heart, and that makes it difficult. Maybe we can be moving buddies and hold each other accountable, lol!!

Love in Christ,
~Candi (Homekeeper at Heart)

Traci said...

Hey That works for me!!!

Denita said...

(((sigh))) This is going to be one lonely street without you!! I bet our computer keys will stay hot we'll be typing back and forth so much though. Love ya!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

I know you will be so happy on the farm. I have you in my thoughts and prayers.


Angel ( D.)