Monday, July 21, 2008

Good morning all.... just wanted to share a few quick words this morning.... we had a great weekend... We got a call from the bank on Friday, they needed us to come and finally sign papers....yippee! Its official.... we now have a mortgage! HaHaHa.... never saw anyone so happy about that, huh? Well, we were beginning to get worried because of how the market was getting....... we had had 2 differnet mortgage companies to turn us down..... in the end the bank that was holding our construction loan gave us the mortgage....... so we are so very glad to have that settled!!!!! Yeah!!!!

Eric's sister and her fiance spent the night with us on Friday (they live in East TN going to school) ... they wanted to spend some time with the kids... they brought pizza and we played games and talked and laughed lots! It was a good time.(and yes, they slept in seperate rooms....)

Saturday I got up and made a nice big breakfast with Chocolate Gravy & Biscuits, bacon, and eggs.... I also made some milk gravy for my son that prefers it with his biscuits.... then we just had a nice quiet day.....

Sunday was going well ..... good services, Eric surprised me with lunch out and then .....
when we got home and were all changing out of our dress clothes I hear one of the kids say .... "NO, Jed!!!" I quickly finished changing and went to see what the problem was....
Jed had gotten a hold of some bathroom cleaner.... and was cleaning the TV set.... he had drenched it until the cleaner was dripping from the bottom.... alas, the TV died.

So, we now have a new TV. It just so happens that we had been looking at one to purchase in the next few months.... this just sped our purchase up. Ughhh.

I will be back to post some more later..... its supposed to be near 100 F today so we may not get out and do very much today.... I plan on getting the little bit of laundry out and hung but no other outside work is planned today...... it gonna be HOT!!!

Plan on coming back later for pics of one of the rooms in the house!!!!


Dianne said...

Congratulations, Traci, on your new home purchase. I would love to see pictures of your home.

Once my son, when he was about 18 months old, got ahold of a can of comet cleanser and dumped it all over my living room chair.

He was in the livingroom and I had run upstairs to get him some clothes for the day. I was only gone two minutes and in that time, he had gone from the livingroom to the kitchen cabinet and got the comet and come back into the livingroom and was in the process of shaking the contents onto my chair. I can't believe how quickly kids move when they are into something they shouldn't be.

April said...

Traci, Congratulations on your loan going through!

That breakfast you talked about sounded just delicious! I love chocolate gravy and biscuits, but I've never learned to make the chocolate gravy! My friend, Michelle, knows how to make it, so she fixes it for some of us girls and our kids at times. YUM!

I checked the forecast here in West, TN yesterday, and it said it was supposed to be 99 degrees here. Yesterday our house was about 80 degrees most of the day, so I guess it will probably be just a bit warmer in here today. Fun...

Hope you have a good Monday Traci, and stay cool!
April :0)

Michelle said...

OH Traci,
I LOVE some chocolate gravy and biscuits!!! It is also going to be about 99* here today. No going outside for me! Glad you had a great weekend and you got a new TV!!! LOL