Monday, July 21, 2008

Here is the finished (almost) Library....

This is our Library..... we have waited a very long time to have all of our books out of boxes..... we had so many that we ended up going back and getting more bookshelves and putting them up instead of a desk for me (my computer is now in the dining area) and we really love how the bookshelves turned out.... they almost look like built-ins....

The fireplace is great.... at the far corner of the room.... its a wood burning fireplace too.... whoohooo! those are panels of fabric I got from ebay.... I was so excited to find some vintage cloth that went so well with the vintage couch and chair I got from the kids grandparents. I will soon be having those panels (they are just clipped up there for now) turned into lined curtains and there will be a total of 4 not just the 3 I have up there now..... a good fall/winter project.

The doorway is to our Master Bedroom.... we are on one end of the house and the kids' rooms are on the other with the living area in the center of the home. Remember the $1 yardsale mirror? That's it on the wall next to our door..... it matches the room so well!

We have yet to get the books in any kind of order... we simply put them up on the shelves for now.... Eric has a computer program that will list them and help us keep track of them.... so that is a project for the long winter nights.

So, that's our library..... we are so happy to have a good room for our books. I was looking at the beginning of doing a whole different color scheme in there..... but when the couch and chair was brought home I found that I really wanted to use the vintage fabric in the furniture and not cover it with a slipcover.... so I decided the colors for the room would change. I like it!


April said...

Traci, you have an absolutely wonderful library! My mom and dad are hoping to build a house soon, and it is very important to her that they have a library in the house. I can't wait to show her the picture of yours. You've done a really great job, and what a great deal with the mirror!

April :0)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely library you have ~ it is so nice to have such a spot like this for your books!



Traci said...

Thank you! Funny thing is.... I'm already thinking of putting a shallow custom bookcase in the hallway.... just a lovely thought.....heehee!

Anonymous said...

Hey Traci!

I'm not online much at the moment as the kids are on Summer holidays, but I had to comment on your lovely library! It looks've done a great job!

Love, Tina :)