Sunday, July 13, 2008

Okay, so I have had 2 friends fuss cause I have not posted in a bit....

Well, I guess I could say I have been very busy (and I have) but the main reason for not posting so very much was that my 17 inch monitor had died a couple of months ago and so I picked up a smaller 15 inch thinking it would not be that much different..... I WAS SSSOOOOO WRONG!!! I could not stand to be on the computer for more than just a few minutes at a time... or I ended up with a massive headache. I had said something about it to Eric a few days ago....... so he went out and got me a surprise .... a brand new 19inch flat screen monitor with built in speakers.... whooohooo. So I can see and not have a headache. I should be back more often now.

Let's see, since the 4th I have done the following....

Had a big family get together on the 4th

Sent Travis off to another Camp.... Horizons ..... it is at Freed-Hardeman University.( He had a great time by the way....)

We had a big Independence Day Celebration with our congregation on the 6th...

We started homeschooling.

Putting up veggies from the garden.

I made so much zucchini bread that I was dreaming about it...probably will be doing that again soon too!

Read 3 books in as many days.

I was in charge of a kid's event (Water Fun Day) for our kids 5th grade and under yesterday...

Today we had services, then this afternoon a meeting for Web Design for our youth involved with Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes and then had a Sunday Night Social after services tonight..... a busy day!!!

Tomorrow I have a class at the Senior Center and homeschooling and then a quick trip to the church to check on a few things. I will post again sometime during all that. Promise!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! We started back with school today and it was great! Just put in the last load of laundry too, woohoo!

Did you get that recipe I emailed you?


Judy said...

Yeah, you are back! I know you are very busy, and everyone loves you for it! Take care, and if you need me you know my numbers.