Sunday, October 26, 2008

A busy day that ended with Trunk or Treat....

Well, today was full of things to do..... we got up and went off to services, then came home and ate lunch at Eric's parents house (a combined birthday lunch for me and my brother-in-law since our Birthdays were both this month), then I took Travis and Mia to the church building to help decorate for Fall Festival. After getting the decorations done we had to film the Storyline for Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes ...... then it was time for evening services. ......... Can we say.... a long day!

Tonight after services several in our congregation gathered in our parking lot to pass out treats to the children .....the kids love it!!!

here is one of our elders getting a

ooohhhh..... a ghost!

Jed is getting some treats from Aunt Heather.....

Travis is helping to pass out candy..... and sampling some too!

But we really know were all the candy went.... LOL! (could not help myself David)

Good night all out there in blogland!

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