Monday, October 13, 2008

A run down of the last few days....

Let's see..... Saturday we woke and spent the day at Oktoberfest here ..... basically a huge weekend of yard sales, art and craft venders, all kinds of food, music, a car show, and lots of people and lots of traffic for our small town. I didn't really find anything that I just *had* to have (well, except for the giant blooming onion) so I didn't really buy much. Just enjoyed the day!

Sunday was just a normal Sunday around here..... a few meetings, some things to take care of but over all a nice relaxing day.

Today the kids have done a good days worth of class and I worked on getting the kitchen in order, and have spent some time on here today as well. Dinner was a quick dinner of noodles and sauce and now Mia is making some homemade cookies for later. And I am here waiting for Chuck to come on the TV..... it is the only show that is on nowadays that I find interesting.

Well, that about does it for me this day..... after Chuck I plan on straightening up a bit and head for bed.

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Michelle said...

Hey Traci, I linked to your blog on my latest post. Go check it out!