Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Sunday Morning....

It is just before 7 AM this morning and I wanted to give a run down of the last couple of days.....

Friday, Travis and Mia got up and I took them to the local park to judge the shuffleboard tournament for the seniors that were competing with area Senior Centers. It was a good day for them and the seniors loved to have them help. (They are planning on volunteering for the Senior Games coming up in January.)

Friday afternoon found us with company, one of Amaris' friends came to spend the night.. they have had a blast this weekend. Mia wanted to join her cousins in going over to the Ethridge Youth Rally to enjoy both days of the rally (we took some of the youth group yesterday) , so we let her go. The rest of Friday evening was spent with the kids watching a movie and just spending time together. Mia got home from the youth rally just after 11 PM and said that it was very good and that the speaker had gone over time but that he was so good she didn't even notice.

Up early for us on Saturday morning. Eric was driving the church van to the Youth Rally..... we left at around 7:30 AM ... there were 8 of us all together. The theme this year was "Decision 08" and although the speaker was a State Representative it was not a politically charged theme.... rather it was a day of talking about the decisions we must make as Christians. The speaker, TN State Rep. John DeBerry,(who is also the minister of the Coleman Ave Church of Christ) had a way of drawing everyone into what he had to say and keeping you ready for the next words. He joked at one point during the day that he could not see the clock at the back of the building.... but that was okay, he would talk until he was done anyway. The day did run long but no one minded... everyone was having such a wonderful time. By the time we got back home it was dinner time..... I was so tired that we opted to go out for pizza. (Yeah!)

The rest of the evening was spent with the kids, watching a bit of t.v. and Eric working on the announcements for this morning's services.

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