Monday, January 05, 2009

Beginning the New Year

I really have to say this today......

You know you are in the right place when each and every Sunday that you meet and listen to the sermon you come back home and look at your spouse and say.... "Wow!", "That was just what we needed to hear.", "I just felt he was really speaking to us today.", or "Do you think he was preaching to us about that situation?"......... so many times over the last few months Eric and I have come home to have those same things (and more) said from both of us...... (David, keep up the most wonderful work!)

Now, on to other things.......

The holidays were simple for us this year. Just as everyone else, the economy is hitting us too. So, we opted to do a very relationship based holiday season. We gave full warning to the older 3 children that there would be only a very small amount of presents this year and that we would be unable to do some of the things that we usually try to indulge in (like seeing a movie over the holidays). The gifts we gave out this year were things made from our kitchen.... fresh baked breads, hot chocolate mixes, coffee mixes, and candies and goodies. It brought me and the children close together in the kitchen and a few laughs as well (esp. when the kids thought we would end up with bread out our ears because of the big batch I made).

We enjoyed having family and friends over throughout the holiday season and hope to do so more often through-out the upcoming years!

Christmas morning found Eric and myself with hearts full of gladness as the children opened the small presents we had placed under the tree for them..... and humbled hearts as we also explained that they also had a few small gifts from a "Secret Santa' that had dropped them off to my mother the day before. Nothing big... but all the more precious to our children for the thoughtfulness behind the giving. We then spent the rest of the morning with a late breakfast and visiting with my mother (she visits each of her children and their families on Christmas ) and then the early afternoon visiting with the kid's grandparents and then off to my mother's family's Christmas get together.

The day after Christmas my very best friend, Denita, came for a visit (and ended up spending the night for a nice extra long visit!) and then that Saturday we got together with my mom, sisters, and brother and all of their families...... a first at Christmas time since dad died several years ago.

New Years eve found us with a house full yet again for the night with Eric's parents and his sister and her kids and then Denita and her family (they spent the night too) all "feasting" and playing cards bringing in the New Year.

This past weekend found us taking down most of the decorations (we left up the paper garland and the snowflakes down the hallway until later in the month.

Today will be a day of getting caught up with chores. The kids start back with school today (we let them have the last 2 weeks off) and I need to go through the pantry and freezers and make a grocery list in the next couple of days.

Well, that about catches everyone up on the goings and comings of our family.

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