Thursday, January 08, 2009

A (not so) funny thing happened....

So, as I said on Monday, me and Mia spent the day babysitting the twins ... and again on Tuesday because our preacher's oldest daughter had to go in and have surgery on the broken arm (all is good.... she is a trooper!) Anyway, we get home Tuesday afternoon and start about doing some chores and trying to catch up on things around here..... however..... about 5ish I decided I really just did not feel well.... and by 7 or so I was sick. Then Mia got sick too.... (one of the twins had the stomach bug and was still contagious after all....)

Needless to say.... we caught the stomach bug. Not a fun thing. At. All.

Yesterday we spent trying to re-coop and keep some fluids in us... I went to bed fairly early last night and this morning I think I feel somewhat better. I have not gone to wake the kids yet, so I am not sure about Mia this morning and I am praying that we are the only ones here that come down with it. I am going to go about the house today and clean surfaces with some bleach and Lysol. We really don't need anyone else sick right now.

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As Simply As We Can said...

nope, that's not a funny thing at all. i'm all miserable with a jacked up neck. yesterday i had just a little twinge in it like it was out of place just a tad and i started messing with it and by the time i was done it was messed it up big time. gah. went to the chiro. and he helped but only a tad. wiil have to see him again and hopefully get it all fixed. not fun.

hope you and miss. mia are all well soon!