Monday, January 26, 2009

Much about nothing...

Not much going on today ...... I will be getting the kiddos up and going for the day in just a bit, then I will get some of the housework done. The house is in fairly good shape ... the kitchen needs a bit of cleaning, a couple of loads of laundry needs to be done and then a bit of overall pick up around the house and it should be good. Today I want to really focus on where the kids are in their schoolwork. See how far that they have come this year and see if we need to pick up the pace or if we feel that all is going well. There is a new DVD we have that we want them to start watching for history/government study... so we may start that today as well.

I do have my computer class this afternoon at the Senior Center. I do look forward to this class and hope that my "students" do as well. Basically all I do is help to create a bit of confidence for the ladies in my class... they have never touched a computer and want to learn but are so afraid that they will tear something up that they seem to fear even getting started some days. They have come a long way in a short time.... a few are even sending emails now!

Today I plan on putting a roast in the crockpot ..... its a pork roast so I may pull it apart and have BB-Que tonight, we will just have to see.....

Well, I'm off to get the day started.

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