Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full Swing

Well, we are now in full swing with the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes program at our congregation. All the kids (except Jed) are very involved. Travis is participating in speech, song leading, audio speech, art, group scrap booking, and Good Samaritan. Mia is participating in speech, songs of praise (girls song leading), audio speech, storyline, art, group scrap booking, Gifts (a girls study group) and Good Samaritan. Amaris is participating in speech, audio speech, art and Good Samaritan.

This program has been such a blessing to our family. To watch our children grown in faith and in leadership abilities is so humbling. We have such great leaders of this program at our congregation, Trent and Lori. They are always working hard to make sure the kids are encouraged and help them to gain the confidence to try a new event to participate in. And they always emphasize that what the kids are doing is for the Lord... not just for a medal or trophy at convention. (Trent and Lori, you are such a blessing to us and to all the participants of LLL.)

This year's theme come from Joshua :

Jos 1:16 And they answered Joshua, saying: We will do all that you command us, and wherever you send us we will go.

Please be in prayer for our kids (and everyone involved) that are participating in the program this year.


Dianne said...

This sounds like a great program for your children to be in and I am so glad that you have such a program in your church. More churches need programs like these to help the children in their walk with the Lord. You really are blessed and I will pray for your children.

Traci said...

Yes, its a wonderful program and we do feel so very blessed....

Terri said...

It sounds like a really neat program!