Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Saturday Morning!

Hello all, this week has been one more busy week! I do hope you all have had productive weeks (and a productive week on vacation is doing the things you do to help rejuvenate yourself, don't forget that!) I am up a bit earlier this morning that I usually am on Saturday. I had gone to bed early and now I am up early, the house is quiet (except for me pecking away at the keys here) and the weather is a bit wet. I will be getting the family up in just a bit so that we can get ready to go to the Water Fun Day for the 5th grade and under that is taking place at our congregation's Christian Service Center. Our family is in charge of the food prep for today's activities and I am hoping for a good turnout. I chose hot dogs and pizza bread along with chips and cookies for the kids today. There was 2 different reasons for the, most kids that age like hot dogs and pizza. And the second is it works well with the budget .... we had lots of hoagies and french bread left over in the kitchen of the CSC building that had been put back in the freezer..... so lets use it to make pizza bread! A bit of sauce (I use spaghetti for this), some pepperoni and cheese and bake it for a bit and you have a great snack! Its a great way to use up some of the left overs from previous events.

Well, I wish you all could join us in the fun today! I plan on taking some pictures!

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