Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I have been soooooo busy!

This past weekend I decorated and hosted a baby shower for one of the ladies at our congregation..... so much to do and so very much fun (and a bit stressful since I had never done it before!) then we also had a Youth Committee meeting to set the schedule for the next few months for your Youth Group. What a busy day Sunday was!

Then yesterday we had an Art Day Camp for the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes Program...... we are trying to get more things done early before convention this next year! Mia and Amaris both got their photos done and Mia is doing a drawing and a collage and Amaris is doing a painting and a drawing for the other artwork..... they are so excited to have that done behind them!

Travis has been gone to a friends house since Monday and he will be home tomorrow. So he did not get to join us in the Art Camp this week. He will be doing his art later on. Jed colored some yesterday but then got to running and playing and ran into a table and now has a bad black eye...... poor guy.... mommy loved him lots to make him feel better!

This afternoon I am finishing up a present to the new mom from our shower group and then there is Bible Study tonight..... I have to remember to take the table cloths back that I brought home to clean.

Then Saturday we are in charge of the Water Fun Day for the 5th grade and under. I decided we would grill hot dogs and have pizza bread with chips, cheetoes, and cookies for the eats and must get all the food there and ready for the day..... whew..... makes me tired just thinking about it. But I know the kids will have a blast! And there will be lots of fun water games! And that is always fun!

Be back later in the week! And I won't for get to post a Wednesday's Word in just a bit!

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I blogged. Your name came up just bit a couple of times.

Love you,