Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here is a run down of what I have accomplished today....

** Got Eric sent to work with breakfast...and a snack
*** Read for about an hour this morning after Eric got off to work.
**Hung out 7 loads of laundry on the lines (the last load is up drying now)
**Travis and Mia have been out in the Garden off and on all day weeding.
**I went for a walk up at the congregation's CSC Building (she has asthma and cannot walk in this heat )
** Fixed Eric lunch, sent the kids for the Free Lunches (Our School provides free breakfasts and lunches on a summer feeding program.... they serve it at 3 different locations around town and one of the locations is just about a block away) and ate a bit myself.
** Cooled down for about an hour in my in-laws new pool..... Jed loves the water!
** Going to fix something light for dinner... its way too hot to heat up my kitchen.
** Need to make a run to Wal-mart (the kids are going to camp this next week and are in need of a few items)

**** Must finish cleaning up around the house.... we have company coming tomorrow!

That is about it for my day.... hope everyone out there has had a good day!


Terri said...

You've had a very productive day. 7 loads of laundry - Wow! Of course, you are in much hotter climate so I'm sure the clothes dry in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Spent the morning at the vet. Nothing serious, just a dog with allergies. Going to Jazmin's b.d. party this afternoon. Will get to see all my old co-workers, should be fun. Have a great weekend and see you some time soon!

Anonymous said...

Busy day Traci! I couldn't survive 5 minutes in your hot temperatures! I would have to live in the pool permanently!

Love, Tina :)

(so when are you going to post pics of Ripley? I'm dying to see him!) xx