Saturday, June 28, 2008

We are all together for the next week.

The kids are home from camp.... sent them to bed as soon as they came in the door yesterday.... they all slept for 5 hours or longer and then got up and ate some dinner and then went right back to bed..... they had so much fun and many adventures ...... Travis and Mia came home with several first and second place ribbons for different feats accomplished (like craziest dive, longest underwater, best animal impersonation, and memory verse recitations) and met new friends.

Today I have a pile of wet, camp laundry to wash and hang.... and just having a good day listening to more camp stories.

This next week Eric is off of work...and we have a loooonnnnggg list of things to get accomplished while he is home. So I may or may not be on here this next week. But I did want all to know what I would be up to. It all depends on how early Eric wants to get going each day and for how long he wants to work..... I am excited to get all of the work done!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the kids had a blast! Have a productive day tomorrow!

Love, Tina :0