Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Travis Update...

Well, since Travis was not feeling any better after a week of antibiotics we went back in to see the doc this morning as his nurse had advised us to do. Well, it looks that after a closer look at the EKG there is a blip on one of the lines ... suggesting the computer may have caught something.... so we are now off to see a cardiologist at Vanderbilt in Nashville. Just to rule things out..... so if ya'll can keep us in prayer we would greatly appreciate it.


Terri said...

Praying Traci!

Anonymous said...


Everything will be allright, He is with you through this.

Do not speculate, do not give into fear, stay focus on Him.

Praying that Our Lord will continue to give you and your family peace.



Anonymous said...

Dear Traci ~

Praying for this situation and that the Lord will give you peace.



Anonymous said...

Dearest Traci,

Praying for good results and peace for your heart.

love, Tina :)