Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Travis Update

Well, I just got a phone call from the doctor's office.... Travis has a bad case of bronchitis. The doctor is not sure why it did not show on the x-ray. So, Travis is on strict rest... lots of fluids, a round of antibiotics to begin with.... if he is no better by next Monday we will be sent to a Pulmonologist (sp?). We already know that Travis is more prone to lung infections so this is not really a big surprise.... and now that we know what it is can watch so that it does not become something more serious (like pneumonia). Thank you all for all the thoughts, well wishes and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank the Lord...I know poor Travis is still sick, but at least you know what it is now and it's not too serious. My son is prone to this kind of thing too and had pneumonia when he was 3 years old...ugh, nasty. But praise God, He brought him through it. I hope your dear son gets well soon.

Hugs and prayers for Travis from all of us here!

love, Tina :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Traci,

A lot has been happening hasn't it?

But through it all, He is keeping you close and walking with you...

Praying that Our Lord continues to give you peace and strength...