Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Our day....

Well, after I got all the news from the doctors office about Travis and sent all the emails (and posted here) to all our loved ones on his update, I had the girls do some of their morning chores so that we could start class on time.....

The girls had a good day of school.... each kind of set her own pace and work on the subjects in the order they feel like that day.... I have been trying to have their days worth of lessons put on a sheet so that they may see what needs to be done for the day...... we also go to the library on Tuesdays.... today I told them they needed to choose a book about something in TN History to read in addition to the other books they wanted. Amaris chose a couple of fact books and Mia chose a book with different stories of happenings in Tn down through the years. I hope they enjoy them.

I also found a couple of books for math to use and a couple for science .... looking forward to tomorrow's lessons.

While the girls did lessons and Jed was watching TV, playing and drawing (that has become his favorite pass time these days) I was busy cleaning the kitchen, getting ready for dinner and getting the laundry caught up (I'm happy to say all I have left is the clothes from today and a few odds and ends left over now... whoohhoooo!!!!) ....... now the house is in a state of relative cleanness and I can feel like I've accomplished lots today!

Well, that is about it ...... will be headed for the bed shortly..... goodnight.

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