Friday, September 26, 2008

Yipee!!! Free!!! Whhooohhoooo!!!

Goodness! Last night we went and picked up the curriculum that we were given..... can I just say WOW!!! Look at all this stuff .....

Math.... just about all we need to teach all middle school and high school.

Same with Science

Lots of Social Studies, Geography....

.....and History

English is all here too!

Plus all these wonderful disks, videos and ACT/SAT books!

But we think this is a treasure.... the entire set of Robison Self-Teaching Curriculum along with notebooks filled with printouts for it! Its for k-12!!!

Here it all is!!!

We are feeling so very blessed and truly feel that this is what the Lord is leading us to do. He has provided just as we were starting to wonder how we could homeschool Travis at a high school level with little invested..... God is so very good!!!


Anonymous said...

WOWEE!! Well that just confirms it from the Lord...isn't it great when He does stuff like that? Hallelujah!

love, Tina :)

Terri said...

Wow! All of that was free? That is amazing, Traci. It's so neat how God provides exactly what we need when we pray and ask him to provide. Thank you for sharing your blessing.

Traci said...

Yes, it was all FREE! Its used and I will be investing a little money in some white out..heehee. It is so great.... we not only have the student stuff but alot of the answer keys and teacher editions too! Whoohoo!

Michelle said...

WOW! This is amazing! I saw some ACE stuff in there, we use ACE too and we love it!!! Congrats on your blessing!

Anonymous said...

wow! What a blessing...