Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Fixin's ~ Cooking with no Refrigerator

Two days after Eric filed our taxes he called me at work to let me know that the refrigerator when out.... we unplugged it let it "thaw" the rest of the way...cleaned the coils and such...and plugged it back in hoping that it would reset.... no such luck. Well, we are looking at it as a blessing that it went out before we could use our refund for something else and that we can put money aside for a new one before we had spent the refund on something else (such as paying off the Suburban). Let me just tell you that going with only a dorm sized refrigerator for the last couple of weeks has been difficult (we are having the new one delivered tomorrow)...we have never had a brand new refrigerator so we bought one and paid for an extended warranty...... So our menus for the last couple of weeks have been drastically different than they would have been had we been able to cook and keep left overs as normal..... Mia has done great about cooking and judging the fewest remaining leftovers possible so we would not have much to store. We also have had to do without some things like relish, or salad dressings because everything is either up at Granny's house in her refrige.... or it went bad and we have not replaced it.

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