Saturday, February 06, 2010

Goodness....It really has been a while!

Well, a lot has gone on in the last few months since my last post. To tell the truth I have been avoiding the blog... I guess I just really needed the break! (not to mention all the overtime I have been working at the pharmacy the last few months) So now to play catch up with news....

My last post was pretty much about Travis and Mia getting ready to head off to Russia... well they have been and are back! I believe the trip was a success in many ways (I know it really had a profound effect on them and on their faith) and they are already talking about going back! (During a warmer part of the year! LOL!!!)Thank You, Erik and Adrianne for opening up not only your home, but your lives to them for this opportunity! They have had so many stories to tell and so much to share about their trip it has been wonderful to hear about it all...

They also have been invited to join another missionary family in American Samoa. My children, the world travelers for Christ!

Our lives around here have gotten in pretty much a routine after me being a work for nearly a year now... I tend to come home exhausted after a long day and I have to thank my husband and children for taking such great care of me! Eric is now in charge of the house and I have to say that he does a pretty good job! I really have not had to worry about much at all since I've gone back to work. I miss being able to be at home .... coming up with menus, daily tasks to be done, and being with the kids ..... but it all has worked out and I have found contentment in being outside the home too! I have to say that I have been blessed in that area... working in a field that I love... I have a good boss... I'm a ten minute walk to work......need I say more?

The new year has come and gone and we are looking forward to what God has in store for us this year. We are getting ready for the Youth Rally at Lomax in just a few weeks and are getting prepared for the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes Convention coming up on Easter weekend. This year we know God's blessings are just raining down on our family!

Well, I know this is not that detailed or long, but I must get back to making lunch (we are celebrating my mother's birthday today).

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

(I do plan on being back here more often now!)

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back, Traci ~ and to hear of God's goodness in your lives!

Sunday blessings to you,