Friday, February 26, 2010

The Latest Family Picures

These are pictures from just a couple of weeks before Travis and Mia left for Russia.

All of us together.... these were taken at the Natchez Trace park.

This one is taken outside the Grinder House at the Meriwether Lewis Monument.

I love this one of Travis and Jed....

The girls .... these were taken at the Monument itself.

We had planned to go out for these pictures and the morning of we woke to much colder temps than what had been during the week.... we just about froze taking these pics!!
We kept the Suburban going .... got out took a few pictures ... got back in to warm up and then back out to take a few more. It was funny!

I am planning on taking more in a few more weeks..... just before the weather warms enough for snakes and such to start creeping out..... I will post them when we get them made.

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