Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Fixin's

Okay, I say I'm gonna post more and then I miss several days... sorry... this week has been a very busy week not only at the pharmacy but with preparations for LLL Bible Bowl and our 60 + Banquet for our "Golden Aged" members. We have both events tomorrow morning with the written exam for Bible Bowl and tomorrow night the banquet.... and we are part of the entertainment. So... busy... busy...

For my Friday's Fixn's post I wanted to tell all about a system here at the house that we are working on... since I now work until 6 (sometimes after) I'm not much for cooking dinner after a long day... Eric and Mia have been the main cooks the last year ... with occasional help from Travis and Amaris... but we are using the Google Calendar to set up a menu plan that we can use to help .... Eric and Mia are good cooks but often have a problem deciding what to fix so this way they can have it planned out. First I asked everyone to list some of their favorite dinners (both favorite to eat and to fix because everyone is going to be helping more) and I am trying to get the recipes/tips for the meal in the description area of the calendar event. They may not always use it but they will have something that they can fall back on if they cannot think of anything to fix. This should also help Eric out with the grocery shopping as well since he now does most of that too! We can set the menu to repeat monthly so I only really had to come up with 31 meals to begin with but on some days there are 2 meals listed so that they can take their pick. This is still in the works for us but I thought it might be a good tip.

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