Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Yesterday we had a bit of a work day around the house. Travis sanded, primed and painted the new T-posts for our laundry lines.... we did have a disagreement over the paint color.... I wanted something that would stand out.... like fire-engine red or even UT orange..... but Eric wanted something that would blend in .... black, green.... anything neutral..... we decided on silver. Its bright enough to stand out for me and classic enough for Eric. ..... Amaris spent part of her day weeding in the smaller garden spot..... it sure was hot work for my baby girl!

For me, I took Jed yesterday morning to the local Library to see "Safari Greg" .... he talks to kids about animals ... even brings a few to show and also does a few magic tricks to keep little ones laughing. Mia went along with us to help.... I think she had more fun that Jed did Then I re-potted some of my house plants.... one had been looking rather pitiful... no wonder... it was terribly root bound. Now it has a nice big pot to stretch out in and I am hoping it will perk back up!

Eric mowed the yard yesterday afternoon and Mia cleaned up the cars a bit.... the Suburban had a bad smell due to a leaky cooler Eric's mom had put in the back when they went swimming on Friday.... So, Mia cleaned out the inside and sprayed deodorizer inside and we left windows open for a big part of the day to let it air out! Then she took my mom's car (the Impala) that she is letting me drive a bit and washed it.

Today we plan on being just as busy.... after services Eric and I plan on getting the lines up between the post! I will have nearly 200 ft of hanging space! The post have 4 lines! I am so excited about having my own laundry lines up! Then to hang out laundry!

This afternoon also is the car wash for the Youth Group. They didn't want to just ask for help with the cost to cover camps, so they will have a car wash this afternoon for anyone that wants to help donate to the cost of camp.

Tomorrow I have the day off of work.... I plan on getting my hair cut first thing in the morning then coming back home and working on getting more laundry I am also hoping that I will have a closet system in ... if not fully then hopefully by the end of the week... it is coming along beautifully! I will put pics up as soon as we have everything in place! I am so tired of having everything from out closet all spread out all over the house.... clothes... Jeds room... shoes... not sure.... I didn't realize how much stuff we had packed in that little room!

Then tomorrow night we have our Monday Night Matters Devo and fun night at the church building.... tomorrow's Topic... TIME. Come out and join us for a fun time!

That about wraps up things going on around the Amacher house this weekend and the beginning of the new week..... I will be working everyday after Monday but I hope to be here each day for at least a few lines! God Bless!

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