Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodness but....

I can't seem to keep on track with my blog here..... I really *want* to write daily..... but just don't feel like finding the time (cause that would mean getting up earlier than I already do...) for now know that I'm posting whenever I'm up to it.... been getting overtime pretty much each week this summer break so far and then with everything else on top of that I pretty much fall asleep before my head hits the pillows each night....seriously I fell asleep in about 30 seconds last night!!!!

I have some great stuff in my head to put down (or on rather) here but the motivation wagon has not stopped by here in a bit! Hoping that the motivation will come!

Be back soon!

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Rita said...

I have to tell you I totally understand about your lack of motivation. I get so aggravated with myself. I am on summer break from teaching and here I am I could do so many things. But NO! It's all I can do to put a casserole together or clean my house. I'm not depressed in fact I'm thrilled to have free time. I think this will pass. Let's believe that it will. :)