Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hello there...

Well, I was going to start the week out by blogging every day.... however I didn't get to post yesterday because I spent a big part of my day in the ER with my brother. The clinic here thought he was having a heart attack (he was in lots of pain in the chest and abdomen areas that they sent him by ambulance on to the hospital - a 40 minute drive) once in the ambulance the EMT's also coded him as possible heart attack) By the time my sister and mother and myself get to the ER (of course mom would not let me or my sister drive.... we thought we might crash a time or two on the way..... and why don't people pull over when they see someone with their flashing lights on any more?) they had given him something for pain and the MD wanted to talk with mom about any medical history.... The MD ruled out heart attack but wants to scan him for gall stones instead.... so they take him down to do an x-ray to check for anything..... at the same time they had drawn lots of blood to do some other tests..... in the end it seems my brother has a very NASTY virus that caused him to cramp up so badly and was causing so much pain that it shot his blood pressure up so high that he could have had a heart attack...... praying no one else gets this one! He is home and on a liquid diet for the first day and only bland foods for the rest of the week.

Other news in the Amacher life is that.... this week is Mission Trip week. This year the elders decided that since there was so much flood damage in our own area that the Mission work would better be served right here. So each day (Wed thru Sat) everyone will meet at the church building and go out into the area (a lot of this will be in the next county over) and help with demolition, repairs and encouragement to those hit hard by the flooding. We have had so many sign up to help this year! Travis and Mia will be out each day doing something .... Mia even asked to be given some of the harder work ...she likes to prove she is as good as the boys in stuff like that..... and its good motivation for the boys when some of the adults comment on how much harder Mia works than them. I have to work most days ... I do have Thursday off so I may get to help with some things that day. All in all a busy week ahead!

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