Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

I've noticed I'm letting my blog posts lag again..... working on it! LOL....

Yesterday was a wonderful day for us! First, Eric and I had the honor of taking our good friends Erik and Adrianne to the airport in Nashville yesterday. We are going to miss them for the next few months as they continue the work in Russia. After we got home from Nashville we packed up a nice little picnic and headed off to the Natchez Trace park for a bit of family fun! There is a creek at the picnic area and getting wet was great for the kids and Eric (I only waded a bit). Then as we were leaving the park I got a text message that one in our congregation was ready to make his decision to become a Christian and would we be at the church building as he was baptized ....... whoohoo you bet! Congrats to Blake! You have made the best decision you will ever make! I pray that we as a family are a support to you and your family!

Then, last night was our first Monday Night Matters for our 7th thru 12th graders..... I hope everyone had as much fun and we did! Eric did such a great job with the Devo and discussion time. The topic last night was What Matters to Jesus! Then we had snacks and then a game of Spoons with a twist* ... the twist was we didn't have a table and we played it on the grass...there was no dealer because we gave out all the cards and everyone passed the cards at the same time...then everyone had to dive for the spoon! Congrats to Morgan ... our Spoons Champ! We picked the game of Spoons because it related to the topic.... getting the spoon in the game of Spoons is what matters most in the game.... following Jesus and His commands is what matters most! I'm so glad we had a great first M-N-M night with the teens and looking forward to next week! --- oh, and for anyone coming wear something you don't mind getting dirty! LOL

That about sums up our day yesterday. We are such a blessed family!

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