Thursday, June 10, 2010

Counting Blessing

Have you ever just stopped and started with the simplest blessings in you life (which is a blessing in itself) and grow the list as you think of bigger blessings? When you do, it is like a game to see what else God has blessed you with. And at the end of your list how can you not feel the overwhelming need to thank and praise God for the wonders he has done for you! (I often stop well short of the end of the list to do just that!) All of the hard times, hurts and disappointments of life start looking very small in the big picture! I urge everyone today to make a list...starting with the very simplest of blessings and keep it going throughout the will be amazed at how even things you once thought of as hardships and trials have really been a blessing or have lead to a blessing! Trusting God because He knows what is best for us really will lead to blessings in abundance!

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