Monday, January 14, 2008

A busy weekend too

WEll, my busy week was followed by a busy weekend as well..... Saturday we got a call that the siding crew was working on the house.... and we got the water lines dug (for the most part) although the ground was still a bit wet from the storms from Thursday..... and then Sunday we thought we might get to work some more on the lines but the ground was still wet. We had our niece's birthday party to go to.... and had to be back at the church building for the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes song practice (poor Mia is losing her voice and really could not practice much.)

Today is not going to be much quieter.... I am up and getting everyone out the door.... then I am waiting on a call from our block/sand/mortar supplier so that I can meet them to show them where I would like for them to drop the supplies and then the brick layer is supposed to be by sometime today and I will be working for Tony (my brother) at his restaurant so that he can finish with the water lines today...... busy,busy,busy.

Well, I am off to get dressed so that I can be ready to walk out the door.

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