Sunday, January 20, 2008

We all have the sickies...

Yesterday we spent a big part of the day out in the cold moving some boxes into the new house (that is also cold because no electricity yet) and we wake this morning to the ubbbeeerrrr sickies ...... so I have called Eric's mom and dad to let them know we will not be at church this morning..... Eric did get up and shower ..... but he went right back to bed.... the only ones that feel like much of anything is me and the oldest 2 kiddos.... and we are still sick too..... Amaris is running a slight fever, Jed too and he had a rough night last night..... Mia still has the stuffies and is just now getting her voice back.... Travis has the stuffies and me.... losing my voice, sore throat, and the stuffies..... so we are staying in today.

At least I can get some stuff around here caught up and get some more packing done maybe.... maybe not.

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