Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good Morning...

n!!I have been awake for a bit... already showered and ready for the day.... and its just a bit after 6 AM.

The house is coming along fine. I am getting so excited about it ! The crew to come in and do the inside trim work came yesterday and finished! The block layer came yesterday and got a big start on the house.... almost the entire backside of the house is blocked in! Now we are waiting on the electric to get set ..... we have someone coming today to see the site and give us a bid on digging and setting up the electric for us (we are putting the electric underground). So, it should not be long now!!!!

I am going to run to the hardware store today and get another access door.... we are going to need a small one on the front of the house where Tony put in a main water cut off switch to the house and to get the dryer venting for under the house.... seems like everything is going together good!

I may be working at my mom and brother's restaurant today.... my brother, Tony, has been helping us get stuff done on the house (fixing the septic lines and running water lines so far) and he is going to be there to talk with the man about the electric (he used to work for him and said he would take care of it ... they are still friends). So, I will be at the restaurant while he is taking care of stuff at the house.

Well, gotta go get Jed up and going in a bit.... my very wonderful, great, ...... did I say wonderful? friend, Judy is going to watch Jed for me again today..... she has been so good to help me out with him during all this!

I will be back with more pictures and updates soon!


Anonymous said...

So is the house actually on the property yet or are they still working on what's underneath etc? Sorry, but I got confused!


Anonymous said...

I do it because I am your friend, and will continue to help whenever you need me to! You are like a sister to me and I am proud to call you friend. Can't wait to help you move in your new place and I am very happy for you all.