Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Well, Its here!

Sorry I missed posting yesterday.... we spent the day watching the crew bring in our house.... now we are really getting excited!

The older 3 kids wrote their names in the footers.
(and I did Jed's name... he was still a bit sick to be out in the cool air)

here they are pulling it in and getting ready to set it up...

Yeah! its set up! now just to get it all finished!

Now we have to get all the hook-ups (water, septic, and electric) and then get it blocked in.... won't be long now! Still praying that the weather holds!


Anonymous said...

Hey Traci, I love your new home! Y'all must be excited about moving in! So good to see you posting in blogland again! Hugs to ya, Tina xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Now I see! Just disregard my other silly question above. Mia's hair has really grown!!