Friday, January 18, 2008

Running a bit behind in our schedule...

The snow,sleet, mix rain that came through on Wednesday has put us a bit behind in our schedule for the house.... we now must wait until the ground dries enough for us to get the ditch dug for the electrical conduit to be put into place..... so we are looking at (hopefully) next week sometime to be able to move the beds in and live there! the mason is coming today and will enclose the west side and the front of the house and will leave the east side until after the electrician and inspectors are done to enclose the block there.

We have bought new door knobs and dead bolts for the front and back doors - so that when we do start moving stuff in the house we don't have to worry about who may have a key to the house. Well, we are getting excited and are soooooo ready to move into our new home!!!!!!

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My name is Judy said...

Hang in there friend! It won't be to long now and you will be in your new home. I will be praying for the weather to stay calm and dry so that you can get in asap.
Call if you need anything.