Monday, April 07, 2008

Good Monday Morning

Hello all out in blogland..... its Monday and looks to be a great day. I have so much to do today. Yesterday we had a big celebration for our congregation's 90th Anniversary at Lomax and had lunch after services.... I cooked up lots but now have a messy kitchen to clean up today.... I would have done it yesterday but my leg hurt for one after we got home and two ..... I had company! Denita it was so great to visit with you!!! I am so glad you got to come! So, today- like I said - is going to be a day of cleaning..... then later this afternoon I will be doing some work at the Senior Center here doing some very basic computer lessons for some of the seniors.... how to turn on a computer, log on, some things on the desktop and helping any of them to sign up for email and such..... I hope it will be fun for all of us!

Well, my leg is getting better and I can go for longer amounts of time without it starting to bother me. I still have to watch it from getting banged on (like yesterday when Jed wanted down from my lap and kicked me in the leg) OUCH!!! and I cannot squat because it puts to much pressure on that lower leg muscle. But thankfully it is not broken and will heal with time!

I'm off to get some things started this morning..... visit back again!


Anonymous said...

Well, you're straight back into your busy life again Traci!

Go steady now...take plenty rest!

So glad you're doing better, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog,

Love, Tina :)

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