Thursday, April 03, 2008

Well, I am up and about...

Good morning all.... I have been up and about (slowly) for the last few days..... I just have to take it easy because if I do too much then my leg starts to swell all over again. I have sooooo many bruises its not funny and I ache all over.....

funny note****

the other night I was on the couch with my leg all propped up and resting ..... I was so sore and achy that I looked over at Eric and told him I just felt like someone had just beaten me all up..... his reply???? ........"Its okay LOOK like someone beat on you too"........ gotta love an honest man!

I am just so thankful that I did not end up with a broken leg..... the wood pallet we were using as a temp. porch was just sitting on blocks so when I fell it came over with me...... that is what saved my leg from being broken....I had Jed in my arms and all I could think about was making sure he did not get hurt..... guess that is why I got so banged up...... oh, well, I am sooo very glad he came out of it unharmed.

Well, I must get going this moring.... its time to get everyone up for the day..... and a dreary day it looks to be.... it has been raining overnight and will be raining most of the day and tomorrow according to the weatherman.
I don't think I will try to get out in it today.... I have plenty of stuff here to keep me busy so we will just stay inside today.

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Anonymous said...

Traci, I'm glad you're getting about now but it sounds like you got hurt bad. Don't do too much too soon, ok?

Love, Tina :)