Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Mornings, Sick Kids, and Bank Robbers!

Well, I had to take both boys to the doctors today... both have ear infections.... so off to the pharmacy.... on the way to the pharmacy we notice that one of the local banks has lots of Police and Sheriff Dept. vehicles and many people standing in the parking lot.... I thought to myself.... bomb threat or robbery.... seems it was a robbery.... over the weekend.... and the thieves got away with around 400,000 dollars........ goodness me!!!! Its all over the news at this point!!! The bank was in a temporary building while the new building was being build nearby..... the thieves cut through the roof and torched through the vault...... and walked away with lots of money. Whew!!!

The FBI and the TBI are here doing their investigations..... it is the talk of everyone this evening.

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